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#SaveOurPrivacy is an online collective launched in May, 2018 to safeguard your privacy and ensure a citizen centric data protection law. You can support it by pledging support!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is #SaveOurPrivacy?

Privacy is a primary civil rights issue of the 21st century. While the Supreme Court has declared privacy as a fundamental right, we require a data protection law for it to be practically enforceable. India, despite having the second highest number of internet users globally and the world's largest democracy remains without one.

#SaveOurPrivacy is a public initiative launched in May, 2018 that put forth a model draft law called the Indian Privacy Code, 2018. This draft has gone through multiple revisions and has been filed twice as a private member's bills in Parliament

The larger collective has created resources for awareness and keeps engaging with the government process to ensure that your privacy is protected. You can pledge support by clicking here.

What are the latest updates ? Also, how do I participate?

The Government has been drafting it's own version of a Data Protection Bill which has been a long time coming. At present a version of the Data Protection Bill is being considered by a Joint Parliamentary Committee.

The version being considered by the Joint Parliamentary Committee has serious defects as we have analyzed here. You can directly participate and send your views by 25.02.2020 to this Joint Parliamentary Committee as per the procedure we have explained here.

We will also be drafting a response to the Data Protection Bill and sending it's own comments. You can strengthen this effort by endorsing this campaign. We need to call on our parliamentarians and courts to #SaveOurPrivacy

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