It's the final countdown (kinda) on the Data Protection Bill #SaveOurPrivacy

Apar Gupta


The important issue of our data and how it will be protected is right now pending in Parliament. In December it was refereed to a joint parliamentary committee that is now inviting views and comments from the public. To help you do this, we have prepared a summary of the Data Protection Bill, 2019 with our top 10 concerns that we will post out tomorrow. Today, we urge you to share this post that will inform your friends, family and social networks and help them get ready to participate in this democratic exercise!

The joint parliamentary committee

The Data Protection Bill has been a long time coming. We finally seem to moving towards the final stages of this much awaited legislation with the government draft being considered by the Joint Parliamentary Committee. When this committee was formed on December 11, 2019 we wrote to all of it's members asking for more public participation and we are glad it has been opened up to public comments. However, many of our requests including preparing local language translations of the Personal Data Protection Bill, 2019 and public depositions do not seem to have found favour. We promise to keep agitating these demands.

Please find below a link to a tweet from the Lok Sabha Secretariat spelling out the process. We break it down further:

UPDATE 10.02.2020 : The last date for submission is 25.02.2020 as per this press communique.

What does #SaveOurPrivacy plan to do ahead?

SaveOurPrivacy has worked since May, 2018 as a framework for civil society groups to put forward demands on data protection and surveillance reform. It presents a model law called the, “Indian Privacy Code”. The campaign has close to 11,000 individual and 27 organizational supporters who have pledged support.The Indian Privacy Code has been filed twice as private members bills in Parliament.

We promise through these three weeks to help you out with explainers and public materials which help you formulate views, opinions and engage meaningfully with this process. This will start tomorrow! So watch this space for more!

Important documents

  1. Representation to the Joint Parliamentary Committee dated 19.12.2019 (link)
  2. Explainer on the Data Protection Bill dated 17.12.2019 (link)

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