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Joanne D'Cunha

These beginning months of 2019 have seen an incremental number of threats to privacy in India. We've had the introduction of numerious CCTVs across the city of Delhi, facial recognition floated around for the purposes of crime databases, airport control and in combination with biometric systems and even the selling of vehicular data for commercial benefits. it only goes to show the degrees of vulnerability Indian citizens and their data currently face without a data protection law in force.

While we wait for the Draft Personal Data Protection Bill, 2018 to be finalised, as we informed you not too long ago, IFF announced that the a new and improved version of the Indian Privacy Code was tabled in Parliament by DMK MP Dr. Ravi Kumar as a private member's bill (Read here for more). This bill continues to go beyond purely data protection and also includes surveillance reform setting it apart from the current Draft Personal Data Protection Bill, 2018 being deliberated by the Government.

This private members bill has now been updated in its full form on As always we are thrilled to have any inputs from our community on how we can improve the bill to best protect the right to privacy and the protection of data of the Indian citizens. Feel free to email us at email hidden; JavaScript is required or add comments to the existing text on the website with your inputs on how the bill can be further equipped.

Important documents

  • Personal Data and Information Privacy Code Bill, 2019 (link to PDF)

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