Reminder : 12 Hours Remain To Send In Comments

SaveOurPrivacy Volunteers

Every day we are all dealing with information overloads. So as a friendly reminder, we are letting you know that a little less than 12 hours remain for a government consultation on a draft privacy and data protection law. Today is the last day to send in comments.

A privacy law will determine important issues for our digital freedoms and society. From how our personal data is used by the government --- compulsory ID schemes, mass surveillance --- to how private parties profit off it, and yes, even permit interference in elections by micro-targeting of propaganda.

We know many may want to send in comments but don't know how. Follow the steps below to send your feedback.

  1. Download this handy guide we have prepared. You can use it to draw up your own submissions or just attach to a statement that you agree with it (we also encourage people to draw up their own submissions, to help, read ourguides and explainersover specific issues).
  2. Click here to go the government website and participate.

We urge you to please participate and ask the government to protect us, not large data brokers, or surveillance programs and compulsory biometric schemes which take away our freedoms. Also, always feel free to ask us any questions on privacy, data protection issues, or the process the government is following. There may be some a time gap between responses but we always try to ping back.

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