It's Easy! Participate in the Data Protection Consultation


A public consultation is not much till the public participates. But data protection is a complex area and an ongoing government consultation on a draft law that may in future be passed through parliament closes in two weeks. Giving up already? Don't!

To make participation easier we have prepared a handy 15 page guide with graded recommendations. By segregating portions of the draft bill, into a scale of "support", "improve" and "reject", we have tried to build an objective resource for the general public to engage with this consultation.


This guide is made by the team which drafted the Indian Privacy Code, 2018 with the hope that India gets a strong, effective data protection law that protects our privacy. You can download it here.

Searching for a more general overview? We continue to encourage you to go through the several text and video resources we have created on what a good privacy law looks like.

Do participate in the online consultation and make your voice heard. Remember, the last date for sending in your comments is September 30, 2018.


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