Aadhaar requires a strong privacy law

SaveOurPrivacy Volunteers

Yesterday the Supreme Court pronounced a historic judgement on the constitutionality of the Aadhaar, biometric programme. We urge people to read this statement by our friends at Rethink Aadhaar that contains a considered public response to it. RethinkAadhaar's statement clearly sets out there is a need for sustained engagement on the issue of digital identity and its impact on welfare programs and personal liberty.

We believe and have written in the past how a strong privacy law would check the menace of Aadhaar. While the project itself requires a much deeper examination, and amendments to the Aadhaar Act itself are also necessary, we continue to urge people to write to the public consultation being conducted by the Justice Srikrishna Committee using a handy guide we made that also has instructions on how to participate in the consultation process. Remember the last date for participation is September 30, 2018.

Thank you for reading and supporting the cause of privacy.

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